Ok Nanjou. I wanna ask you about your favorite .What's your favorite colour
My favorite color black.:
Black! really Ok.:
What's your favorite fruit?:
Fruit! Ok it's Mango.:
Oh! Mango. Can you get Mangoes in Japan?:
:No. I haven't seen a proper Mango here because everything that is sour that's not a very good Mango I Know. Because in India I will get a lot of Mangoes in a good tastes and variant Mango ...I haven't tried.. ..I haven't foud any here in Japan.
Really! So how do you eat Mango? Just Do you eat it drier or do you.. ?:
Yeah, I eat it drier. The drier Mango is very good.
:So do you have like a mango juice or that part of it?
Yeah, but Mango juice is not much that good. I'll eat one of my..it will be very good very good.:
Ok . Nice ..nice: